About GigaSMART Applications

GigaSMART applications are packet modification features available on the following GigaVUE H Series nodes:

■   Standalone GigaVUE‑HC3 with SMT-HC3-C05 module installed.
■   Standalone GigaVUE‑HC2 with front or rear GigaSMART-HC0 module installed.
■   Standalone GigaVUE‑HC1 nodes.
■   Any GigaVUE H Series node operating in a cluster with one of these node types.

Note:  This section refers to any of these nodes as GigaSMART-enabled – they are all capable of using GigaSMART operations.

You can use both GigaVUE-FM and the CLI to create GigaSMART operations combining the GigaSMART applications, and then use them with other map rule criteria, and apply them in map rules on any network port in the node or cluster.