How to Search in GigaVUE‑FM

When searching for items, GigaVUE‑FM performs a full search across multiple categories and displays the categories as part of the results. A Filter option is also available, which displays as a quick view, making it possible to quickly refine the search results.

GigaVUE‑FM has an Elastic Search feature that allows you to search for information in GigaVUE‑FM as well all the devices and device configurations managed by GigaVUE‑FM. Essentially, if it is part of the GigaVUE-FM UI or managed by GigaVUE‑FM, you can search for items based on keywords because almost all items are indexed for elastic search. The search feature allows you to search for items across the following:

■   Maps
■   Roles and Users
■   GigaSMART
o   GigaSMART Operations
o   GigaSMART Groups
o   Virtual Ports
o   NetFlow/IPFIX Generation
o   SSL Decryption
o   GTP Whitelists
o   Application Session Filtering (ASF)
■   Ports
o   Port Groups
o   Port Pairs
o   Tool Mirrors
o   Stack Links
o   Tunnel Endpoints
o   IP Interfaces
o   Circuit Tunnels
o   GigaStreams
■   Chassis and port inventory
■   Node Clusters
■   VMs
■   IP, DNS, and MAC address

The following are not currently searchable: audit logs, events, NetFlow data, RBAC, IP ranges, or statistics.

Categories are another important component of Elastic Search. When you provide a keyword, the search system displays the matching category or categories related to the keyword search. This provides an automatic filtering of the keyword, helping to narrow your search. Some of the general categories are:

■   Cluster
■   GigaSMART
■   Inline Bypass
■   Maps
■   NSX-V
■   Ports
■   Users
■   VMware

You can refine the search categories by using the Filter feature (refer to Filtering Search Results) to further narrow the search results. For example, if the search keyword falls into the GigaSMART category, you can narrow the search further to NetFlow Records.