Flexible Inline Arrangements—Rules and Notes

Keep in mind the following when working with flexible inline arrangement:

■   If an inline tool is associated with a flexible inline map, it cannot be used in a classic inline map or in an inline decryption map. All inline networks and inline tools must participate exclusively in either flexible inline maps or classic inline maps.
■   You cannot create multiple unidirectional collector maps for the same inline network using the flexible inline canvas. For example, consider that you want to have different VLANs in each direction on the collector map, then you must create additional unidirectional flexible inline maps and associate unique VLAN tags (or it is automatically assigned by GigaVUE-FM).
■   The following functionalities are not supported in GigaVUE TA200 and GigaVUE-TA25 such as:
o   Physical Bypass Functionality is not supported due to the absence of BPS card.
o   Flexible and Resilient Inline SSL functionality is not supported due to the absence of GigaSMART card.
o   GRIP functionality is not supported due to the absence of BPS card.
o   Inline Bypass Solution (Classic)
■   In GigaVUE-TA25 and GigaVUE-HC1P, a Flexible Inline Single VLAN Tag configuration with monitoring mode configured in either the inline network or inline tool fails to send the traffic with an appropriate VLAN tag. Likewise, traffic is not sent to the OOB tool when the OOB copy is configured on the monitoring inline-tool. Similarly, if you configure Out-of-Band copy from inline network in Flexible Single VLAN Tag maps, OOB tool receives packets with improper tags.
■   For GigaVUE-HC1, GigaVUE-HC2, GigaVUE-HC2P, GigaVUE-HC3, GigaVUE-HC3V2, and GigaVUE-TA200 Nodes, the scalable number of bidirectional flex inline maps per device is 512, and the scalable number of unidirectional flex inline maps per device is 1024. In the case of GigaVUE-TA25 and GigaVUE-HC1P, the limit is 126 for bidirectional maps and 252 for unidirectional maps.
■   The following combinations are not supported:
o   Flexible Inline SSL Decryption
o   Inline Network LAG

When you attempt to add an Inline SSL App to an Inline Network LAG Flexible Map you get the following error message: "An Inline SSL APP cannot be used when the traffic source is an inline network LAG" as shown in below figure.

■   Setting the Flex Traffic Path of inner chain Inline-tools as “Drop” does not drop the inline SSL traffic and continues to reach the inline network egress.