Dashboards for Volume-based Licenses Usage

Licensed GigaSMART applications, when running on a GigaVUE V Series node, generate usage statistics. In the Volume-Based Licensing (VBL) scheme, a license entitles specific applications on your V Series nodes to use a specified amount of total data volume over the term of the license. GigaVUE-FM tracks the total amount of data processed by the various licensed applications and provides visibility into the actual amount of data, each licensed application is using on each node, and track the overuse if any.

In cloud environment:

  • when a monitoring session is created and deployed, you can only use applications that are licensed at that point.
  • When a license goes into grace period, you will be notified, along with a list of monitoring sessions that would be affected in the near future.
  • When a license finally expires (and has not been renewed yet), the monitoring sessions using the corresponding license will be undeployed, but not deleted from the database.
  • When a license is later renewed or newly imported, such undeployed monitoring sessions will be redeployed.

Using the Volume Based License Application Usage and Bundle Usage dashboards, you can plan for better utilization of the licenses. These dashboards work on the principles of Fabric Health Analytics and are listed together with other dashboards. These VBL dashboards include both summary and daily dashboard pages.

  • Summary usage dashboard: Displays summary for each period of VBL usage
  • Daily usage dashboard: Displays more detailed view (down to the granularity of one day) about the app and bundle usages.

Note:  Clicking on a bar chart on the App or Bundle Usage Summary dashboards does not display any further information. To view the originally displayed visualization if clicked inadvertently as mentioned above, navigate to a different dashboard and return to the original dashboard.

To access the dashboards:

  1. Go to -> Analytics -> Dashboards.
  2. Click on the required dashboard to view the visualizations.

Table 1:


Visualizations Description
Daily App Usage Licensed App Allowance vs Usage

Displays details about the daily usage of each of the licensed application against the allowance provided and the overage.

By default, it is shown for a 90-day time period. However, you can change the interval to the required time period.

Aggregate Summary

Displays the following aggregation statistics:

Daily Bundle Usage VBL Bundle Usage

Displays details about the usage of bundled license against the allowance and the overage. The bundle can be coreVUE or netVUE.

Aggregate Summary

Displays the following aggregation statistics:

  • Highest Daily Usage
  • Average Daily Usage
  • 95th Percentile Daily Usage
  • Highest Daily Overage
  • Average Daily Overage
  • Average Daily Allowance
App Usage Summary
  • Usage (all applications)
  • Overage (all applications)
  • Summary per period (Incoming traffic)
  • Data Usage vs Overage (Incoming traffic)

The Usage Period drop-down option at the top allows you to choose the period for which you want to view the usage details. The duration of each period is 3 months. The following visualizations are displayed for the selected period:

  • Usage (all applications): Displays breakdown of usage of all your applications
  • Overage all applications: Displays breakdown of overage of all your applications
  • Summary per period (Incoming traffic): Displays a tabular view of the license usage/overage summary for the selected period, considering the incoming data traffic (before being processed by the Gigamon applications),
  • Data Usage vs Overage (Incoming traffic): Displays a bar chart of the license usage vs. overage summary for the selected period.

If you do not select the Usage Period, the aggregation of all periods’ data is displayed in the top visualizations, and the summary for each of the periods is displayed in the bottom visualizations in the dashboard.

Bundle Usage Summary
  • Summary per Period
  • Bundle Usage vs Overage (Incoming traffic)

The Bundles drop-down allows you to choose the bundle for which you want to see the usage details.

  • Summary per Period: Displays a tabular view of the bundle usage summary for each period. Days with overage within each period are displayed within this tabular view. The tabular view also includes the total licensed data allowance for the days already elapsed in each period.

  • Bundle Usage vs Overage (Incoming traffic): Displays a bar chart of the license usage vs. overage summary for the selected bundle.

If you do not select any bundle, the summary views include the sum of metric values for all bundles that were active during a period.

Refer to the Fabric Health Analytics BETA section for details on how to clone a dashboard, create a new visualization, and other detailed information.