Edit Cluster Parameters

When editing a cluster node, you can only edit the cluster leader preference. You can only change the cluster leader preference on one node at a time.

For the leader preference, higher values are more likely to claim the Leader and Standby roles; lower values are less likely.

To edit leader preferences:

1.   To set the leader preference for devices, right-click the required device and click the Edit Details options button.
2. The Device configuration quick view should appear on the right. Edit the Leader Preference in the text box.
3. Click OK.

Note:  Most of the fields are read-only. You can change the cluster leader preference, as desired. Use preference settings from 10 to 100 for leader, standby, and member roles. Use preference settings from 1 to 9 for normal nodes that are excluded from taking the leader or standby role. GigaVUE TA Series nodes always have a preference of 1.

4. After saving your changes to the nodes, click Update to apply the changes to the cluster.

A Confirmation window appears advising that a backup file is generated with the updated traffic configurations. The configurations saved in the backup file must be applied manually to restore the traffic configurations after the cluster is up.

5. Click Ok to continue.
6. The Manage Cluster update notification window appears showing the status of each update activity on the nodes, cards, GigaStreams and stack links.
7. After the cluster update operation completes, a “Manage Cluster Completed” message appears.
8. Click Go to Cluster to view the updated cluster overview