About Fabric Statistics

GigaVUE‑FM provides the ability to view detailed information about the packets dropped, packets discarded, and packets received and transmitted by the following ports:

■   Network ports
■   Tool ports
■   Hybrid ports
■   Inline-network ports
■   Inline-tool ports
■   GigaSMART engine ports
■   Backplane ports
■   XAUII ports
■   Stack ports

Network ports, tool ports, hybrid ports, inline-network ports, and inline-tool ports are also called front panel ports. These are the ports that are visible on the front view of the GigaVUE node.

The backplane ports on the control card are connected to the backplane ports on the line card or GigaSMART engine ports. They allow packets to move from card to card, for example, from line card to control card and control card to GigaSMART card. If there are packet errors in the backplane ports, this information can be viewed in the Fabric Statistics page. The format used to represent a backplane port is <box ID>/<slot ID>/<port ID>. For example, 1/1/s1 where s1 refers to port s1.

GigaVUE‑FM also collects statistics of XAUII links on the GigaSMART engine ports. Each GigaSMART engine port is made up of 2 to 4 XAUII links, depending upon the platform. They are considered as the child ports of GigaSMART engine ports. The format used to represent a XAUII port is <box ID>/<slot ID>/<port ID>. For example, 1/5/e1x0 where e1x0 refers to the first XAUII port on engine 1.