Install GigaVUE-FM on GCP

The GigaVUE‑FM can be launched from the Google Cloud Platform. The following instructions describes how to launch GigaVUE‑FM in your Google Cloud Platform. Refer to Create and Start a VM Instance topics in GCP Documentation for more information.





Enter a name for the Instance.


Select a region for Instance.


Select a zone for GCP instance.

Machine Configuration

Machine Type

For V Series 2 configuration, the recommended instance types are as follows:

GigaVUE‑FM - e2-standard-4

Boot Disk: Click Change. Select the Custom Image tab.


Select the latest GigaVUE‑FM images.

Note:  You cannot select multiple images for a VM.


Allow HTTP traffic Enable the check box to allow HTTP traffic
Allow HTTPS traffic Enable the check box to allow HTTPS traffic
Advanced Options


Network Interface

Select the Network Interface, the Network and the Subnetwork values.

SSH Keys

SSH keys
o Enter the admin under username.
o Enter the SSH public key under key.



Disk Size

The required disk size for GigaVUE‑FM is 40GB.

After the instance deployment, navigate to the VM instances page, copy the External IP, and paste it in a new web browser tab.

If GigaVUE‑FM is deployed in GCP, use admin123A!! as the password for the admin user to login to GigaVUE‑FM. You must change the default password after logging in to GigaVUE‑FM.