Modes of Deployments

There are two ways in which GigaVUE V Series Nodes can be deployed using the third party orchestration. They are:

Generic Mode: In generic mode, when deploying GigaVUE V Series Nodes you can provide the monitoring domain and connection name in your orchestrator. A Monitoring Domain will be created under the Third Party Orchestration monitoring domain page in GigaVUE‑FM and your GigaVUE fabric components will be deployed in that monitoring domain. Or you can also create a monitoring domain under Third Party Orchestration and provide the monitoring domain name and the connection name in the user data that will be used in your orchestrator.

Integrated Mode: In integrated mode, you create a monitoring domain in your respective cloud suite in GigaVUE-FM and then use your own orchestration system to just deploy nodes. The GigaVUE V Series Nodes deployed using your own orchestration system will be displayed under the monitoring domain created in your respective cloud suite. In this case, ensure that the monitoring domain and the connection name given in the GigaVUE-FM matches the groupName and subGroupName in the user data provided in your orchestration system.