GigaVUE V Series Migration

This document provides information and recommendations for migrating your GigaVUE-VM based visibility solution to GigaVUE V Series based solution in VMware ESXi and VMware NSX-V.

Following are the two primary scenarios for GigaVUE V Series migration in GigaVUE-FM and in the GigaVUE-FM HA:

  • Migrate from GigaVUE-VM to GigaVUE V Series on ESXi platform without any platform change.
  • Migrate from GigaVUE-VM on NSX-V to GigaVUE V Series on NSX-T.
    • Migrate through NSX platform upgrade
    • Migrate through GigaVUE-VM on ESXi

Refer to the following sections for details: