Create Raw Endpoint

Raw End Point (REP) is used to pass traffic from an interface. REP is used to ingress data from a physical interface attached to GigaVUE V Series Nodes. You can optionally use this end point to send traffic to the applications deployed in the monitoring session.

To add Raw Endpoint to the monitoring session:

  1. Drag and drop New RAW from NEW to the graphical workspace.
  2. Click the New RAW icon and select Details. The RAW quick view page appears.
  3. Enter the alias and description. In the Alias field, enter a name for the Raw End Point and click Save.

  4. To deploy the monitoring session after adding the Raw Endpoint click the Deploy button in the edit monitoring session page.
  5. The Select nodes to deploy the Monitoring Session dialog box appears. Select the V Series Nodes for which you wish to deploy the monitoring session.
  6. After selecting the V Series Node, select the interfaces for each of the REPs and the TEPs deployed in the monitoring session from the drop-down menu for the selected individual V Series Nodes. Then, click Deploy.