Access Nodes From GigaVUE‑FM

You can access Gigamon nodes that have been added to GigaVUE‑FM from the GigaVUE‑FM interface.

To access a node from the GigaVUE‑FM interface:

1.   On the left navigation pane, click under Physical select Nodes. This displays the list of Devices/Cluster Nodes managed by this instance of GigaVUE‑FM.
2. Click the Cluster ID of any node to open the node.

Once you are in the node, you will be able to access the System menu in the left navigation pane and perform the administration tasks in the node.

Refer to the following topics for detailed information:

■   Chassis for a detailed snapshot of a selected GigaVUE nodes.
■   Manage Roles and Users—GigaVUE‑OS to manage roles and users in GigaVUE-FM and to assign access permissions.
■   Reboot and Upgrade Options to upload and upgrade images on the GigaVUE node.
■   Backup and Restore to learn how to back up and restore the configuration of the GigaVUE node.
■   Use SNMP to learn how to use the SNMP features on the GigaVUE node.