IP Resolver

GigaVUE‑FM must be configured with DNS server and default search domains in order to add and manage the nodes by their Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN).

This configuration is not mandatory to manage normal nodes/clusters. However, to manage the clusters behind NAT, this configuration is required. This is because GigaVUE‑FM does not know the NAT IP of the member nodes of the cluster behind NAT. It can only learn the private IP and hostname through the device APIs. GigaVUE‑FM cannot reach the nodes behind NAT with their private address. GigaVUE‑FM uses the hostname to contact the nodes in the cluster. Host names must therefore be resolved to NAT IP using the IP Resolver page, failure to do so will result in failure in node specific operations.

You can configure the domain name server and search domains from the IP Resolver page.


Refer to the following sections for details.

Note:  IP Resolver configuration is not applicable for GigaVUE-FM deployed on cloud platforms.