GigaVUE-OS Installation

After powering on the S4112F-ON switch, it goes through a power-on self-test (POST). After the POST, the switch uses GRUB bootloader to access the operating system (OS).  Use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to select an entry. For more information about using GRUB, refer to the GNU GRUB documentation. 

Note:   Before installing GigaVUE-OS, you must uninstall any pre-installed third party OS in the switch. You must uninstall any pre-installed OS in the Dell S4112F-ON switch before installing GigaVUE-OS. For example, if it is preloaded with Dell's Operating System (OS), it will prompt you to log in after you power-on, as shown below. To uninstall the previous OS, refer to Uninstall OS in DELL S4112F-ON.