GigaVUE-OS on Dell S4112F-ON

GigaVUE-OS is now accessible on Dell S4112F-ON provided that the required license is installed. This enables DELL S4112F-ON to integrate with GigaVUE-FM, supports CLI- command-based configurations and is in par with the available features and functionalities of GigaVUE TA Series platform.

Note:  DELL S4112F-ON is also referred to as DELL 12 port switch .

Dell S4112F-ON Features

Dell S4112F-ON is a half rack unit switch with the following features:

■   One management port and serial console
■   Two PSU (power supply units) in the front side of the platform
■   Three integrated fans at the rear side of the platform
■   12 x10G and 3 x100G native port cages supporting a 1G-100G range of speed: 1G, 10G, 40G, and 100G.
■   A 4x10G breakout is possible when a 40G optic is plugged into any one or all three 100G port cages.


Note:  All features and functionalities available in Gigamon platforms are  subject to licensing and hardware conditions.