Stream Device Logs to GigaVUE‑FM

GigaVUE HC Series device/cluster nodes provide comprehensive logging capabilities to keep track of system activity. Logging is particularly useful for troubleshooting system issues, as well as maintaining an audit trail. You can specify what types of events are logged, view log records by priority, date, or name, and upload log files to a remote host for external troubleshooting.

When HC Series devices are added to GigaVUE‑FM, the default settings ensure that log records stream to the GigaVUE‑FM server and are written on the device’s file system in a messages file. Log records can be used to analyze the system behavior directly from the GigaVUE‑FM interface instead of needing to sign in to each device.

External third-party servers can also be added to host the streamed logs. Refer to Add an External Logging Host Server to a Node.

In this section:

■   Cluster Behavior
■   Standardized Logs
■   Device Log Categories
■   Device Log Message Types
■   Device Logging Levels
■   Device Logging Processes