Map Views

The Maps page displays the maps created using the CLI, H-VUE, or GigaVUE‑FM APIs. The maps can be displayed in following types of views:

■   List View
■   Network View
■   Tool View

Note:  Starting in software version 5.5.01, any change in the map health status is indicated immediately in the Maps page.

List View

The List View is the default view of the maps when the Maps page is opened after selecting Maps > Maps. This view shows the basic information about each map:

  • Alias
  • Type
  • Subtype
  • Source and destination ports
  • Control Traffic: Displays if the control traffic is enabled or disabled for a particular map. This is applicable only for First Level, By Rule maps

Network View

The Network View displays the maps grouped by source ports then destination ports.

Tool View

The Network View displays the maps grouped by destination ports then source ports.

Topology View

Click on the icon. The Topology View of the maps appear. Each map in the Maps page gets displayed as Topologies.

  1. Use the zoom and scroll buttons at the bottom of the page to zoom in and out.
  2. Click on a map to view the connections.