Device Log Host Servers

All device/cluster log messages for all H Series nodes are streamed to the GigaVUE‑FM server by default and are written on the device’s file system in a messages file.

Note:  Starting in software version 5.11.00, you can choose to have GigaVUE-FM as the syslog server or you can configure external syslog servers.

External third-party servers, like Splunk, can be added to host the streamed logs. You may want to have certain types of log messages streamed to different servers for different purposes. The Log Settings enable you to add additional host servers for the log streams and to configure the type of logs each server will host.

When an external server is specified, the GigaVUE HC Series node will send logged events through UDP, TCP, or SSH to the specified destination.

In this section:

■   Add an External Logging Host Server to a Node
■   Edit Host Server Settings

Note:  For a description of log levels, refer to Logging Levels. For a description of Syslog Server configuration options, refer to Host Server Options.