Device Event Notifications

Events can be streamed to GigaVUE‑FM. Each device (GigaVUE node) can directly stream events. In software version 5.3, the following events are transmitted:

■   port up and port down
■   GigaSMART packet drops
■   GigaSMART application core crash when a back trace trigger is initiated
■   GigaSMART application core crash when a soft reset is initiated
■   CPU utilization in the GigaSMART cores when the high threshold is exceeded
  • The events described in this section are not SNMP traps.
  • However for devices with software version greater than or equal to 5.12.01, the events mentioned in this section will also be sent via SNMP traps.

Cluster Limitation

Event Notifications require that network connectivity be available from each node in the cluster to its managing GigaVUE‑FM, not just to the leader.