Arrange Columns in the Logs View

The Logs view has sortable, configurable columns. The options below describe how to use these options to personalize your view of the logs:

■   Click the heading cell for any column to sort the list by that attribute.
■   To move the order of a column, click the heading cell for that column and drag it to the location you prefer, then release the mouse click to drop it in the new location.
■   Configure the columns to display in this view:
a. Click Columns on the right above the table.
b. The COLUMNS window appears.
c. Amend your column settings:

To remove a column, select the column label in the selected columns table and click Remove.

To add a column, select the column label in the Available Columns table and click Add.

To resort the order in which the columns appear, select any label and click Move Up or Move Down to reposition the column.

To revert to the GigaVUE‑FM default setting, click Reset to Defaults.

d. When you are done configuring the columns, click OK.