Prerequisites for Integrating V Series Nodes with ESXi

The following are the prerequisites for integrating V Series nodes with ESXi:

  • VMware vCenter ESXi Standard Version must be
    1. 6.7 u3 or later 6.7.x versions (or)
    2. 7.0 or later 7.0.x versions.
  • ESXi hosts must have the minimum vCPU and memory resources for hosting the GigaVUE V Series Nodes. Refer to Recommended Form Factor (Instance Types) for more information.
  • V Series 2 device OVA image file.
  • All the target VMs must have VMware guest tools or Open VM tools if you use IP based filtering.
  • Port 8889 must be available for GigaVUE-FM to access V Series nodes.
  • TCP Port 443 must be open between the GigaVUE‑FM instance and the ESXi host to upload the OVA files.

The V Series 2 Node OVA image files can be downloaded from Gigamon Customer Portal.

Recommended Form Factor (Instance Types)

The form factor (instance) size of the GigaVUE V Series Node is configured on the OVF file and packaged as part of the OVA image file. The following table lists the available form factors (instance types) and sizes based on memory and the number of vCPUs for a single GigaVUE V series Node. Instances sizes can be different for GigaVUE V Series Nodes in different ESXi hosts and the default size is Small.




Disk space


Small 4GB 2vCPU 8GB 1 Management interface, 1 Tunnel interface, and 8 vTAP interfaces
Medium 8GB 4 vCPU
Large 16GB 8 vCPU

Note:  For any queries on which form factor to use, reach out to your account manager or contact Gigamon Technical Support.

Default Login Credentials

You can login to the GigaVUE V Series Node by using the default credentials.


Login credentials

GigaVUE V Series Node

You can login to the GigaVUE V Series Node by using ssh. The default username and password is:

Username: gigamon

Password: Enter the password provided during the fabric launch configuration. Refer Configure GigaVUE V Series Nodes for VMware ESXi for more detailed information on fabric launch configuration.