Configure GCB Settings

In the GCB General Settings, you can specify the purge interval to automatically remove the GCBs that are disconnected for a long duration.

Note:  GigaVUE-FM generates an alarm for the disconnected GCB when the GCB heartbeats are not received for more than 15 minutes. Refer to Alarms for detailed information on Alarms.

To view or edit the GCB general settings:

  1. In GigaVUE-FM, navigate to Inventory > CONTAINER > Gigamon Containerized Broker > Settings, the Settings page appears.
  2. From the Settings page, on the General section, click Edit. The Edit General Settings quick view appears.

  3. Enter the number of days to retain the disconnected GCB and after this duration the disconnected GCB will be removed.
  4. Click Save to changes made on the General Settings. 

GCB Group Settings

GCB Group settings allow you to configure group settings such as packet reordering settings to multiple GCBs present in a group. It allows you to create a group consisting of multiple GCBs with the same settings. You can change one or more group settings for a GCB group, and the changes are applied to all the GCBs in the group. You can create many GCB groups, but the group name should be different.