Prepare G-vTAP Agent to Monitor Traffic

A G-vTAP Agent is the primary Gigamon monitoring module that is installed in your Virtual Machines (VMs). G-vTAP mirrors the selected traffic from a source interface to a destination mirror interface. The mirrored traffic is encapsulated using GRE or VXLAN tunneling and then sent to the GigaVUE® V Series node.

Note:  The G-vTAP Agent installation is applicable only when the G-vTAP is your traffic acquisition method.

A G-vTAP Agent consists of a source interface and a destination interface. The network packets collected from the source interface are sent to the destination interface. From the destination interface, the packets traverse through the L2GRE/VXLAN tunnel interface or IPSec tunnel interface to the GigaVUE V Series node.

Note:  If the secure tunnel option is selected, then IPSec is used to establish secure tunnel between G-vTAP Agent and GigaVUE V Series nodes.

A source interface can be configured with one or more ENIs. While configuring a source interface, you can specify the direction of the traffic to be monitored in the instance. The direction of the traffic can be egress or ingress or both.

Note:  For environments with both Windows and Linux agents or just windows agents, VXLAN tunnels in the G-vTAP controller specification is required.

Refer to the following sections for more information: