Create Tunnel Endpoints

The customized traffic from the GigaVUE V Series node is distributed to the tunnel endpoints using a standard L2 Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) or Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) tunnel.

Note:  To configure the tunnel end points, you must be a user with fm_super_admin role or a user with write access to the Traffic Control Management category.

To create a new tunnel:

  1. After creating a new monitoring session, or click Edit on an existing monitoring session, the GigaVUE-FM canvas appears.

  2. In the canvas, select New > New Tunnel, drag and drop a new tunnel template to the workspace. The Add Tunnel Spec quick view appears.
  3. In the Add Tunnel Spec quick view, select or enter the appropriate information as described in the following table.




    The name of the tunnel endpoint.

    Note:  Do not enter spaces in the alias name.


    The description of the tunnel endpoint.


    The type of the tunnel. Select L2GRE or VXLAN to create a tunnel.

    Traffic Direction

    The direction of the traffic flowing through the GigaVUE V Series node.

    Choose Out for creating a tunnel from the GigaVUE V Series node to the destination endpoint.

    Note:  Traffic Direction In is not supported for V Series 1 nodes.

    Remote Tunnel IP

    The IP address of the tunnel destination endpoint.

  4. Click Save. The tunnel endpoints are added successfully.

To delete a tunnel, select the required tunnel and click Delete.