Configure AWS Settings

This section provides information on how to configure the maximum number of connections, refresh intervals for instance and non-instance inventory, and maximum batch size for monitoring session updates.

Go to Inventory > VIRTUAL > AWS and then click Settings.

In the Settings page, select Advanced tab to edit these AWS settings.



Refresh interval for instance target selection inventory (secs)

Specifies the frequency for updating the state of EC2 instances in AWS.

Refresh interval for fabric deployment inventory (secs)

Specifies the frequency for deploying the fabric nodes

Number of G-vTAP Agents per V Series Node

Specifies the maximum number of instances that can be assigned to the GigaVUE V Series node.

You can modify the number of instances for the nitro-based instance types

Refresh interval for G-vTAP Agent inventory (secs)

Specifies the frequency for discovering the G-vTAP Agents available in the VPC.