Set Map-Sharing Permission Levels

Maps can be shared with one or more roles. When sharing a map, the map owner or Admin designates which roles have which permissions. There are four map-sharing permission levels:

Permission Level



Role can view the map but cannot make any changes.


Role can add or remove tool ports they own1. This is equivalent to subscribing to a map.


Role can delete and edit the map, can remove any network ports, can add network ports they own1, and can add or remove tool ports they own1.


Role can perform all the Read/Write functions and assign map sharing permission levels.

Note:  Map-Sharing Permissions are only available to node level users. GigaVUE-FM users cannot be added for this level of permissions.

To set permissions for a map, do the following:

1.   Select Maps in the Navigation pane, then go to the Maps page.
2. Select the map, and then click Edit.
3. Go to the Map Permissions section of the Edit Map page.
4. Click in the Owner, Edit, Listen, or View field and select roles from the drop-down list.