Reboot the Nodes

Use the Reboot page to reboot the node. The reboot steps are as follows:

1.   Using administrator user credentials, log in to GigaVUE-FM for the node to reboot.
2. Select Settings > Reboot and Upgrade > Reboot. The Reboot page displays as shown in 1.

1 Reboot Page
3. Click Reboot. A dialog will appear asking if you want to proceed.
4. To reboot the node, do either of the following:
o   Reboot

If no changes have been made to the current configuration, the dialog shown in the following figure appears. Click OK to reboot the node.

2 Reboot Dialog
o   Save the configuration and reboot

If there are any changes to the current configuration, the reboot dialog displays a warning that current configuration has been modified as shown in the following figure. Click Save and Reboot to save the configuration before reboot.

Note: If you click Reboot, the configuration will not be saved and any changes to the configuration will be lost after reboot.

3 Save and Reboot

A dialog displays indicating that the running configuration was saved and system reboot initiated successfully. Click OK. When the login page appears, you can log back in.