The Licenses page lets you review and apply licenses for the following components:

■   GigaVUE‑FM and GigaVUE-VM nodes using the FM/Cloud tab
■   Devices managed by GigaVUE‑FM using the Node Locked tab
■   Card assignments for the licenses can be viewed in the Floating tab

This section describes how to use the GigaVUE‑FM licensing interface to manage your GigaVUE‑FM licenses and your node-application license assignments.

In this section:

GigaVUE-FM License SMART License Node License

Activate a GigaVUE‑FM License

Activate Licenses

GigaVUE‑OS and GigaVUE-OS Module Licenses

Add a GigaVUE‑FM License



Delete a GigaVUE‑FM License


Note:  For information about GigaVUE‑FM licensing options, refer to GigaVUE‑FM Licensing. For information about GigaSMART licensing options, refer to GigaSMART Licensing.