Event Notifications

GigaVUE-FM provides powerful email notification capabilities, automatically sending emails to specified addresses when any of a wide variety of events take place on the node. Gigamon strongly recommends that you configure this feature so that you have immediate visibility of the events affecting node health.

Some of these events are detected by GigaVUE HC Series and TA Series, and the notifications are forwarded to the Fabric Manager. For a node to be able to send notifications to the Fabric Manager, the node’s SNMP notifications must be configured with the Fabric Manager’s IP address. For information about adding a destination for SNMP notifications, refer to Configuring SNMP Notifications in GigaVUE-OS CLI Reference Guide.

  • Before configuring the notifications, ensure to configure the Email Server and send a test email for confirmation. Refer to Email Servers.
  • When upgrading from earlier versions, the notification tasks are migrated as follows:
  • Upgrade Path Task Status after Migration
    From 5.11.00 to 5.13.00 Instant notification tasks are migrated as one task per user.
    From 5.12.00 to 5.13.00
    • Instant notification tasks are migrated as one task per user.
    • Batch notification tasks are migrated as one task per user and the tasks will be in disabled state. You must enable the tasks for notification.

Configure Email Notifications

To configure the email notification of events:

On the left navigation pane, click and select System > Event Notifications. The following pages appear :

  • Notifications: Use to configure automatic email notification schedule for the events.
  • Permitted Recipients: Use to configure the recipient email addresses and domain names.
  • Configuration: Use to configure the event notification and data notification interfaces.
  • SNMP Server: Use to configure the receivers for SNMP Trap notifications sent from the GigaVUE-FM.