Change VLAN Tag mode

Change VLAN Tag mode allows you to configure, single tagged or double tagged VLAN traffic at the chassis level for GigaVUE‑TA25 . This mode can be configured based on your incoming traffic and network requirements. This configuration has two modes which are as follows:

1.   Single Tag Mode- This provides visibility of untagged and single-tagged VLAN packets. Single tagged traffic allows GigaVUE‑TA25 to enable the following features:
o   VLAN rules are supported in port filters.
o   Egress VLAN stripping is supported as in legacy devices, even when the source and destination belongs to the same or different set of devices.
o   MAC rewrite functionality is supported in cluster mode.
o   When L2 circuit encapsulation tunnels or GSOP maps are in use, then the port filters will support both IPv4 and IPv6 rules.
o   This functionality is enabled even when a GigaVUE‑TA25 is in a cluster. In the same cluster, there can be two GigaVUE‑TA25 devices functioning with two different tag modes.
2. Double Tag Mode-This is the default mode, which supports both single and double tagged VLAN packets. When the deployment environment needs visibility to all types of packets i.e untagged or single-tagged/double tagged or priority VLAN tagged (VLAN Tag 0) packets, then this is the recommended operating mode. In this mode the above features enabled in single-tagged mode will exist as a limitation for GigaVUE‑TA25 and GigaVUE‑TA25E. For GigaVUE‑TA25E the limitation; when L2 circuit encapsulation tunnels or GSOP maps are in use, then the port filters will support both IPv4 and IPv6 rules is not applicable in E-tag mode.

Configure Change VLAN Tag

The chassis page has a Actions button. To configure either single or double tagged VLAN do the following:

1.   Select your GigaVUE-TA25 node.
2. Click on Actions buttons and select Change VLAN Tag Mode.
3. Select the VLAN Tag mode as required.
4. Confirm the selection and click on OK..
5. Once the VLAN tag is configured the device will save the traffic and initiate reloading the device.

Rules and Notes

1.   While configuring the VLAN tag mode the chassis will be reloaded only if it is in UP state. Otherwise it will apply the configuration without reloading the chassis. The user will be notified about the reload. After confirmation, the active configuration will be applied and the chassis will be reloaded after saving the active configuration.
2. If double tagged packets enter a single tag mode in GigaVUE‑TA25 chassis then the inner VLAN would be dropped during egress.
3. Modifying tag-mode via config switch-to operation is supported whereas it is not supported via config text-apply operation.
4. In a Single tag-mode, adding vlan port-filter-rule along with VLANs matching the ingress-vlan-tag(on network-port)/add-vlan-header gsop in the transit/second map is not supported due to platform limitation.
5. In single-tag mode, priority tagged VLAN (VLAN TAG 0) packets are stripped off the VLAN tag at egress. It is recommended to use double tag mode in this case.