Configure ACME Server

The ACME server page allows you to configure the ACME server details in GigaVUE-FM.

To add a server:

  1. On the left navigation pane, click and select Certificates > ACME Server. The ACME Server page is displayed..

  2. Click Actions and select Add Server. Enter or select the following details:

  3. Field Description
    Alias Alias name of the ACME server
    ACME Server URL ACME Server URL
    File Choose the CA file from the required location.
  4. Click OK. The server will get added to the list view.


Refer to the following notes:

  • You can add multiple servers to the ACME Server page. However, you can configure only one server for GigaVUE-FM.
  • If GigaVUE-FM uses self-signed certificates, the Certificate Issued field will be set to 'No'.
  • You cannot delete a server without deleting the ACME Certificates issued by the server.