Bulk Configuration

The Bulk Configuration page allows you to upload and send a configuration file to one or more G Series nodes or clusters at the same time, replicating the configuration on each node or cluster. Bulk Configuration is not supported on H Series nodes.

The configuration file is a text-based file. This means that you can create a custom configuration file and upload it, or you can make a backup of a node and then edit the backup file to create a new configuration.

Bulk configuration is only supported on G Series models GV2404 and GV420. GV212 and GV216 are not supported. If unsupported device models are in a G Series stack, the entire stack is disregarded for configuration.

Important: GigaVUE‑FM does not validate the configuration file before pushing it to the specified node or nodes during bulk configuration. If any errors occur, they are logged in the configuration log files.