Associate Roles with Port Permissions

Users are assigned roles based on their user group. Each user group is given permission to specific ports on the node. There are four port-based permission levels, which are as follows:

Permission Level


Level 1

The user can view the port but cannot make any changes to port settings or maps. When applied to a network port, the user can view maps attached to the network port. This level is used for users who only need to monitor the activities of the port.

Level 2

The user can use the port for maps, create tool-mirror to or from the port, and change egress port filters. The user can configure port-lock, lock-share, and all traffic objects except port-pair. Also includes all Level 1 permissions.

Level 3

The user can configure port parameters (such as administrative status of the port, speed, duplex, and autonegotiation), as well as create port pairs. Also includes all Level 2 and Level 1 permissions.

Level 4

The user can change the port type. Also includes all Level 3, 2, and 1 permissions.

To associate roles with port permission, do the following:

1.   Select Ports in the Navigation pane, then go to Ports > All Ports.
2. Select the port or ports on which you want to set permissions.

3. Click Edit.
4. In the Permissions section of the Ports page, assign roles to the permissions levels.
5. Click Save.