Actions Menu

The Actions menu allows you to perform actions on cards installed in the chassis slots when in Chassis + Table View. The Actions menu is only active when a card is selected. The actions that you can perform are as follows:




Selecting this action sets the port and traffic settings for the system.


Selecting this action for a card removes all port and traffic settings for the system.

Enable/Disable Gigamon Discovery

Used to enable/disable Gigamon Discovery protocol

Fabric Advance Hash

Used to configure fabric advanced hashing parameters for stack GigaStreams and GigaSMART groups. For details, refer to Fabric Advanced Hashing

Start Up

Selecting this action reboots the card.

Shut Down

Selecting this action shuts down the card.

Change Mode

Used for setting card mode on a GigaVUE-TA1, GigaVUE-TA10, or GigaVUE-TA40 node. For more details, refer to Change Mode

Change VLAN Tag Mode

Used for configuring the VLAN tag mode forGigaVUE‑TA25 node. For more details refer to Change VLAN Tag mode.

Enable Fabric Hash

Used for improving packet distribution on PRT-H00-Q02X32 and PRT-HD0-Q08 line cards. For details, refer to Enable Advanced Fabric Hashing