apps enhanced-slicing

Required Command-Line Mode = ConfigureRequired User Level = Admin

Use the apps enhanced-slicing command to configure Enhanced Slicing profile and their parameters.

The apps enhanced-slicing command has the following syntax:

apps enhanced-slicing alias <name>

protocol add <protocol fields> offset <offset-length> [flow-session <inner | outer> skip packet-count <1-50> [action <slice | drop>] [timeout <value>]]

protocol delete <rule-id>

max-sessions <max session entries>


The following table describes the arguments for the apps enhanced-slicing command:



enhanced-slicing alias <name>

Specifies an alias of the enhanced slicing file.

protocol add <protocol fields> offset <offset-length> [flow-session <inner | outer> skip packet-count <1-50> [action <slice | drop>] [timeout <value>]]


Adds the protocol to be added to the enhanced slicing profile. The protocols that can be added in the protocol field are as follows:

ip—Adds IP protcol.
ipv4—Adds IPv4 protocol.
ipv6—Adds IPv6 protocol.
gtp—Adds GTP protocol.
gtp-ip—Adds GTP-ip protocol.
gtp-ipv4—Adds GTP-ipv4 protocol.
gtp-ipv6—Adds GTP-ipv6 protocol.
tcp—Adds TCP protocol.
udp—Adds UDP protocol.
l4-port—Adds layer 4 port number. The value of the port number ranges from 1 to 65535.
gtpu-tcp—Adds gtpu-tcp protocol.
gtpu-udp—Adds gtpu-udp protocol.

For GTP protocol, the protocol position is inner by default. For other protocols, the protocol position must be configured either as inner or outer.

At least one protocol field is required in each profile.

The parameters that are configured are:

offset <offset-length> — Specifies the number of bytes that should be sliced after the protocol header. The offset-length value ranges from 64 to 9000 when there is no protocol selected. The value ranges from 0 to 9000 when other protocol is selected.
flow-session — Use flow session to slice the packet after it reaches a configured packet count from the beginning of a session flow. This is an optional attribute. Always use 4-tuple for IP and L4 port to identify a flow. The first occurrence of IP and L4 port is considered as the outer value. The second occurrence of IP and L4 is considered as the inner value.

For a profile with flow-session defined, a session is created when a packet is received and when there is no existing flow-session for that flow. Slicing or dropping starts on the next packet of a session after the number of packets reaches the specified value in the packet count.

action — Specifies to slice or drop packets after reaching the skip count (optional). The default action is slice. Slicing or drop is be performed in the following conditions:

When the traffic does not match any rule in the profile.
When a packet does not contain the configured inner or outer IP and l4-port in a defined flow-session.

timeout — Specifies the session idle time (optional). The value ranges from 100 to 300. The default value is 30 seconds.

protocol delete <rule-id>

Deletes the protocol added to the enhanced silicing profile.

max-sessions <max session entries>

Specifies the maximum number of session entries, when the flow-session is configured. The value ranges from 4M to 80M. The default value is 4M.