Required Command-Line Mode = Configure

Use the write command to save changes to the running configuration as well as to display the commands necessary to recreate the current running configuration.

Note:  The write command provides similar functionality to the configuration write command. Refer to configuration. Also refer to Using the configuration Command for information on working with configuration files.

The write command has the following syntax:

   memory [local]

The following table describes the arguments for the write command:




Saves the running configuration to a active configuration file. For example:

(config) # write memory

In a cluster environment:

write memory on a leader is propagated to all the nodes in the cluster, and the configurations are saved locally for each of the nodes.
write memory local on a leader is saved locally on the leader.
write memory local on a normal node is saved locally on the node.


Displays the commands necessary to create the running configuration. For example:

(config) # write terminal

The following table summarizes other commands related to the write command:



Displays system memory utilization.

# show memory