sffp profile

Required Command-Line Mode = Configure

Use the sffp profile command to configure the Control and User Plane Separation (CUPS) profile on a Control Processing Plane (CPN) for routing the Transport Agent (GTA) packets.

The sffp profile command has the following syntax:


sffp-profile alias <alias>
profile <add | delete>

  ip interface <interface>

   port-list <port number>

     type <control | user>

       sx-ips <interface>

The following table describes the arguments for the sffp profilecommand:



sffp-profile alias <alias>

Specifies the name of the sffp profile. The alias must be unique and can contain up to 128 characters. Aliases are case-sensitive.

For example:

(config) # sffp-profile alias sffp-profile-1

profile <add | delete>

Specifies to add a sffp profile or delete a sffp profile.

ip interface <interface>
port-list <number>
type <control | user>
sx-ips <interface>>

Specifies to add the attributes of a sffp profile. The attributes are as follows:

ip interface <interface> - Specifies the IP address of the IP interface.
port list <port number>- Specifies the port number. The value ranges from 1 to 65535
type Specifies any one of the following node type:
o control - Specifies the control node type for CPN. You can specify only a single port as control node type.
o user - Specifies the following user interface node type for UPN. You can specify multiple ports as user interface node type .
o sx-ips <interface>- Specifies the IP address of the SX interfaces of SFFP profile.

For example:

(config) # profile add ip-interface port-list 5000 type user sx-ips,

Note:  The system supports 128 IPv6 or 256 IPv4 addresses for SFFP profile.


Related Commands

The following table summarizes the command related to the sffp-profilecommand:



Displays a specified sffp profile

show sffp-profile alias sffp-profile-1