Required Command-Line Mode = Configure

Use the license command to enable additional GigaVUE features. Some license keys enable GigaSMART applications. Other license keys enable ports or clustering.

The following products have GigaSMART licensing:

■   GigaVUE‑HC1
■   GigaVUE‑HC2
■   GigaVUE‑HC3

For GigaSMART licensing details, refer to the “Working with GigaSMART Operations” chapter in the GigaVUE Fabric Management Guide.

The following products have port licensing:

■   GigaVUE-TA10A (a 24-port version of GigaVUE-TA10)
■   GigaVUE‑TA25A (a 24-port version of GigaVUE‑TA25)
■   GigaVUE-TA100
■   GigaVUE-TA200
■   Certified Traffic Aggregation White Box

Note:  GigaVUE-TA10, GigaVUE-TA40, GigaVUE-TA100-CXP and GigaVUE‑TA25 have all ports enabled.

The following products have Advanced Features License:

■   GigaVUE-TA1
■   GigaVUE-TA10 and GigaVUE-TA10A
■   GigaVUE‑TA25 and GigaVUE‑TA25A
■   GigaVUE-TA40
■   GigaVUE-TA100
■   GigaVUE-TA200
■   Certified Traffic Aggregation White Box

For port licensing and Advanced Features License details, refer to the respective Hardware Installation Guide.

The license command has the following syntax:

(config) # license install box-id <box ID> key <license key>

For example:

(config) # license install box-id 1 key LK2-SMT_HC0_R-7YF0-QL2M-1G5L-Q32C-T27X-C0VU-CD5H-NJUK-77XC-0UB1-EDMN-JUK7-7XC0-W3JC-5LNQ-RBJ7-XHY1-T7AU-KECM-N6JU-K741-6L2G-RW60-Q3LC-A479-0L6E-HH70-W30E-9T8G-V20Q-UFEM-P78F-9Q86-GT6B-BH3Y-N8QQ-9H20-056C-BHQQ-8KUV

The key is generated by Gigamon. It consists of a long string beginning with LK2, which is a protocol, followed by the card or module (SMT_HC0_R), followed by the content of the license key.

The following table describes the arguments for the license command:



box-id <box ID>

Configures the system’s box ID. The box ID identifies the node in the system.

key <license key>

Configures the license key.

revoke key <license key>

Revokes the license key. Once the license is revoked, the same key cannot be used for the same device at anytime.

Related Commands

The following table summarizes other commands related to the license command:



Displays all installed licenses.

# show license

Displays the installed licenses on a specified node.

# show license box-id 1