Configure Ingress and Egress VLAN

You can add VLAN tags to ingress packets on a per-port basis. You manually associate VLAN IDs with specific ports of type network or inline-network.

Use VLAN tags to identify, differentiate, or track incoming sources of traffic. When the traffic reaches the tools or the maps, you can filter on the VLAN tags for the corresponding ports you want to measure.

The configuration examples for ingress and egress VLAN is described in the following sections:

■   Ingress Port VLAN Tagging
■   VLAN Tags in Maps
■   Configure Egress Port VLAN Stripping

Related Topics

■   Refer to the “Using Ingress and Egress VLAN” section in the GigaVUE Fabric Management Guide for details on using ingress and egress VLAN.
■   Refer to the port in the reference section for details on the syntax of the commands for ingress and egress VLAN.