How to Use GigaSMART Trailers

Required License: Base

GigaSMART operations can add the GigaSMART Trailer to packets, providing metadata on the packet and how it was processed.

GigaSMART Trailers are optional for some GigaSMART operations. For example, trailers can be included with Masking but not with Slicing. Refer to How to Combine GigaSMART Operations for the valid combinations.

If a trailer is included, it can optionally include the original packet’s CRC as one field and a Source ID as another. The Source ID indicates where the packet entered the GigaVUE H Series node and how it was processed. Refer to About the Source ID Field for information included in the Source ID field.

Trailer operations can be assigned to GigaSMART groups consisting of multiple engine ports. Refer to Groups of GigaSMART Engine Ports for details.