Engine Watchdog Timer in GigaSMART

In rare scenarios, a packet processing core in the CPU of a GigaSMART engine can enter a deadlocked state. The engine watchdog timer detects the issue and reloads the GigaSMART engine after a specified number of seconds. The engine watchdog timer is enabled by default with a value of 60 seconds. The maximum number of seconds is 600 seconds.

Note:  If a core is in a deadlocked state, all packets are dropped.

To access GigaSMART within GigaVUE‑FM, access a device that has been added to GigaVUE‑FM from the GigaVUE‑FM interface. GigaSMART appears in the navigation pane of the device view on supported devices. Refer to Access GigaSMART from GigaVUE‑FM for details.

To configure the engine watchdog timer, do the following:

1.   From the device view, select GigaSMART > GigaSMART Groups > GigaSMART Groups.
2. If you are modifying an existing GigaSMART Group, select the GS Group and click Edit. Otherwise, click New.
3. In the Alias field, enter an alias for this GS Group.
4. In Port List field, select the engine port for this GS Group.
5. Under Engine Timer, do the following:
a. Select Enable to enable the time or clear the checkbox to disable the timer.
b. In the Engine Watchdog Time field, set the number of seconds to wait before reloading the engine. The minimum is 60. The maximum is 600.

In the following example, the timer is enabled and set to 100 seconds.

Figure 148 Engine Watchdog Timer