Systems Information

Systems information is displayed on the System widgets.

The Systems widget displays general information about the specific device that you selected from the drop-down list at the top of the widget. If the system is a cluster, you can select a device in the cluster to display on the widget.This widget gives you a quick status if any issues are present in any of the device’s components through color indicators; green (running), amber (warning), or red (alert).

Note:  Ensure that all the nodes and clusters have a Box ID defined. If the Box ID is missing, the Systems widget may not display any information relating to the node.

Note:  Red alert appears for cards not present.



Host Name

The host name of the box.


The hardware type, (for example, GigaVUE-TA1).


The version of the software running on the device.


Shows the amount of used and free memory.

Load Average

The average load on the system over the last 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes.

Note:  When a new device is added to GigaVUE-FM, it takes one stats cycle for the average load value to be reflected in the GigaVUE-FM GUI.


Displays all slots for the specific hardware type including its slot number and the type of card it contains or not.

Note: When you hover over the card slot, the temperature is displayed.

Fan Trays

Indicates that the Fans are On or Off.

Power Supply

Indicates that the power supply is On or Absent.

Note:  When one or more power supply units are down, red alert is displayed.

Failure to Authenticate

To view a physical node in the Dashboard System pane, your login credentials must have the appropriate permissions. Otherwise, GigaVUE‑FM shows an error message.

There are two possibilities that caused a user authentication error:

■   The login user credential for GigaVUE‑FM is not “admin”.
■   The password associated with the login user name for GigaVUE‑FM is different for the physical device.

Note:  When a “non-admin” user goes to Physical Nodes page, they are able to view displayed physical nodes with the status as Green, Amber or Red, this is because the physical node information is captured using the default “admin” user role.