Search for Specific Nodes Using Keywords

The filter option provides a way for the users to narrow down the display using certain keywords such as Standalone, Clusters, H Series and others. As you click on the Filter button, you will see the quick view window pop-up.

The Filter quick view provides you filter criteria for your search. These options are available in the drop down menu under Criteria. You can further narrow the options using the Model, Software Version #, Cluster ID, Host Name, DNS Name, or Node IP. You are not required to fill in all these options to narrow your search. As you select these options in the quick view, you will see the options narrowing in the main window.

To clear or revert the search, do any of the following:

■   To clear a part of the search, use backspace to clear the search entry and re-type a new option.
■   To clear all the search criteria, use the Clear button on the top of the quick view window.
■   To revert to the main window with the new searches, click on the X of the quick view window.

To revert to all nodes visible, you can use the clear filter option on top of the main window or the clear option in the quick view window. When no filters are in place, this option will no longer be visible in the main window.