Port Lists

Many map commands require a port-list (for example, rule and shared-collector arguments all require them). You can define the port lists using any combination of port IDs and port aliases. In GigaVUE‑FM, port lists are created in the Source and Destination fields when editing or creating a new map. The following are considerations when creating a port list:

■   When creating a Pass All map, you can specify a network port list or an inline network alias in the Source field. In the Destination field for a Pass All map, you can specify a tool port list, an inline tool alias, an inline tool group alias, or an inline bypass.
■   Circuit ports are supported as source ports on Regular maps and as destination ports on Regular Collector maps.
■   The Source and Destination fields lets you select multiple non-contiguous ports. To enter port IDs in a list, simple select the port from the drop-down list after clicking in the field. If the port has a alias, it is shown in the list along with the ID.
■   GigaSMART load balancing port groups can have ports with different rates.