PTP and Timestamp—Rules and Notes

Keep in mind the following rules and notes when working with PTP and timestamp:

■   PTP and timestamp is supported only on GigaVUE-TA200 device.
■   Timestamp is not supported on circuit, stack, and hybrid ports.
■   PTP supports only one-step synchronization.
■   PTP requires a dedicated front-end port and can be enabled only on network ports. You cannot use the PTP-enabled port for any other GigaVUE‑OS features.
■   Ensure that the VLAN ID and the domain for the PTP are the same for both the nodes between which the session needs to be established. However, the VLAN IDs of the ports within a node must be unique.
■   All port-related PTP intervals such as, announce, sync, and delay request must be the same between nodes.
■   Transparent clocks and peer-to-peer delay request mechanism are not supported.
■   Priority 1 configurations are not supported based on the ITU-T G.8275.1 standard.
■   Once you have configured PTP and timestamps are being captured, it is recommended that you do not change the PTP configurations so that the timestamps are accurate.
■   If you want to upgrade to release version 5.13.00 with a VLAN configured PTP enabled port, it is recommended to remove the configurations before the upgrade and re-apply as required after the upgrade.