Map Health Status

The health of a map is determined by the health status of its associated components such as ports, port groups, port pairs, GigaStream, tool port, GigaSMART group, tunneled port, virtual port, inline network, inline tool, inline tool group, inline serial tool group, inline network group, and GigaSMART operations. If the status of any one of the component is down, the corresponding map is considered unhealthy.

If a user creates/edits a Map through GigaVUE‑FM, then those changes are reflected immediately to other users who are viewing the Map List View.

The health status of a map is indicated by the following colors:


Health Status


Up (healthy)



This state is displayed when one or more ports associated to the map are unhealthy.


Critical (unhealthy)



Note:  If you hover your mouse over the Map Status field, the health of the stack GigaStream or stack port (configured in the stack link) or the source and destination ports is displayed in a tooltip (if ports are unhealthy). You can derive the map health status based on the details displayed in the tooltip.