Tagging and RBAC Support

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in GigaVUE-FM controls the access privileges of users and restricts users from either modifying or viewing unauthorized data. In Orchestrated Configurations, RBAC controls the accessibility of the users to the policies based on the tags. Tags can be either RBAC tags or aggregation tags. Multiple tags can be assigned to policies and rules.

Note:   RBAC tags are supported only at the policy level. The orchestration wizard allows RBAC tags to be applied at the rule level as well, though it is not supported in this release.

To associate policies to tags:

  1. Click the Tags option at the policy level. You can associate tags either at the time of creating a policy or edit an existing policy.
  2. Select the required tag keys and tag values.
  3. Note:  The tag key and the associated tag values must be created in advance in GigaVUE- FM. Refer to the "Tags" and "Role Based Access Control" sections in the GigaVUE Administration Guide for more details

  4. Click Save.
  5. Once you associate the policy to a tag, only users with fm_super_admin role or users with read/write access to the Traffic Control Management category can access the policies.