GigaVUE‑FM Homepage

When you first login to GigaVUE‑FM, the Dashboard - Physical & Virtual page is displayed by default as shown in the following figure.

Left Navigation Pane

The GigaVUE‑FM GUI landing page has a left navigation pane that expands into a floating pane which navigates to the following menus :

■   Dashboards : Consists of the physical and virtual dashboards, the health monitor dashboards, and the Analytics dashboards. This page also includes the alarms, the events and the audit logs pages.
■   Traffic : Consists of the fabric solutions which the users must configure to monitor the flow of traffic.
■   Inventory : Consists of the physical and virtual resources which the users must configure before configuring the traffic flow and solutions.
■   Recently Viewed : Displays the list of recently viewed pages. Refer to Recently Viewed Section for detailed information.
■   Settings : Consists of administrative, authentication, system resources that needs to be configured by the user.

Top Navigation Bar

The top navigation bar of the GUI contains page-level headers, search , Refresh , and Profile options. Also, the Help option is available under . To create keyboard shortcuts to navigate to different menu pages, click on and select Keyboard Shortcuts.

Note:  The Save Configuration option is available in the Node Overview, Flow Maps, and Active Visibility pages.

Page-Level Header

The page-level headers of the GigaVUE‑FM instance are displayed as shown in the figure.

■   The first-level menu is displayed as the Main Header in the top navigation bar.
■   The second-level menus are displayed next to the first-level menu.

Note:   The second-level menus that overflow in the top navigation bar are displayed as a drop-down with an option to expand or collapse.

■   The third-level menus are displayed as drop-down under the second-level menus.


The footer of GUI displays the GigaVUE‑FM instance name, Node Synchronized time when accessing pages related to nodes, and NRT time stamp.