GigaSECURE and GigaVUE nodes, TAPs, GigaVUE-VM and GigaVUE-FM

To provide complete, network-wide reach, GigaSECURE consists of Visibility Platform nodes running GigaVUE‑OS software, a virtualized node (GigaVUE-VM), and a centralized fabric controller (GigaVUE-FM). Traffic visibility is delivered from physical and virtual environments even when users, devices, and applications move around.

Refer to the following sections:

■   GigaVUE H Series and TA Series Nodes and TAPs
■   GigaVUE-VM
■   GigaVUE-FM and APIs

GigaVUE H Series and TA Series Nodes and TAPs

GigaVUE H Series and TA Series are Visibility Platform nodes with the ability to cluster multiple nodes. Features include traffic aggregation, intelligent filtering, and the ability to replicate traffic to multiple security tools without performance impacts.

The GigaVUE TA Series provide a cost-effective way to provide scale-out traffic visibility. These nodes provide aggregation, filtering, and replication capabilities at a cost-effective price. This enables traffic from across the infrastructure to be channeled back to selective security tools.

Standalone TAPs or embedded TAPs are also available to TAP network traffic from 10Mb to 100Gb links.

GigaVUE H Series, TA Series, and Certified Traffic Aggregation White Boxes all run GigaVUE‑OS software.

The GigaVUE H Series products are described in the following documents: GigaVUE-HC3 Hardware Installation Guide, GigaVUE-HC2 Hardware Installation Guide, GigaVUE-HC1 Hardware Installation Guide, and GigaVUE HB Series Hardware Installation Guide.

The GigaVUE TA Series products are described inGigaVUE TA Series Hardware Installation Guide.

The Certified Traffic Aggregation White Box is described in GigaVUE-OS Installation Guide on a White Box.

TAPs are described in G-TAP M Series Hardware Guide.


GigaVUE-VM is a virtualized node that provides the ability to deliver traffic visibility into virtualized workloads. This enables a physical security tool to extend the security function to virtual traffic.

GigaVUE-VM also provides the ability to track virtual machines as they move from server to server, and enforce Follow-the-VM policies to ensure that application traffic is always sent to the security tools even if the VMs move.

GigaVUE-VM is described in the GigaVUE Cloud Suite for VMware—GigaVUE-VM Guide.

GigaVUE-FM and APIs

GigaVUE-FM serves as the centralized controller that provides the ability to unify the different components of the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform. It serves as a centralized policy definition point for the virtualized and physical Visibility Platform nodes.

GigaVUE-FM exposes a set of northbound APIs that allow security solutions to fine-tune in near real-time the traffic feeds that they are receiving, so as to adjust their visibility into the network infrastructure based on what real-time anomalies, threats, and conditions they are seeing.

GigaVUE-FM APIs are described in GigaVUE-FM REST API Reference in GigaVUE-FM User's Guide.