Get Started with Fabric Health Analytics UI

The Fabric Health Analytics option is listed under the Dashboards. To access the FHA UI:

  1. On the left navigation pane, click on .
  2. Select Analytics BETA. The following options are listed:
    • Dashboards: Refer to the Dashboards section for details.
    • Visualization: Refer to the Visualizations section for details.
    • Discover: Refer to the Discover section for details.
    • Reports: Refer to the Reports section for details.

The following figure shows the available options in the Fabric Health Analytics Beta Dashboard page.

Refer to the following table for details:

S.No Description  

Name of the Dashboard: Example Alarms.


Search box

mFilter Data in Visualizations
3 Add Filter
4 Dashboard Navigation bar Copy Dashboard Path
5,6 Working with the GUI Work with the Fabric Health Analytics User Interface
7 Refresh Use to manually refresh visualizations
8 Visualizations Visualizations