Enabling Timestamp on a Port

You can configure ingress timestamp, egress timestamp, or both ingress and egress timestamps on a port. Refer to Configuring PTP Globally for the ports that are supported for timestamps.

To configure timestamp on a port:

1.   On the left navigation pane, click , and then select Physical > Nodes.
2. In the Physical Nodes page, click the required cluster ID for which you want to configure timestamp.
3. From the left navigation pane, go to System > Ports > Ports > All Ports.
4. Select a port on which you want to configure timestamp, and then click Edit.
5. Scroll down to the Timestamp section.
6. Select the Enable check box corresponding to the Ingress or Egress fields.
7. In the Source ID field, enter a unique ID for the ingress or egress timestamp. The packets that ingress or egress the port will be timestamped with this unique source ID. The source ID enables you to identify the port on which the timestamp is applied.
8. Click OK to save the configuration.

Figure 60 Timestamp Configuration

After you enable timestamp on the various ports, you can view the timestamp details for a list of ports in the Timestamp page. To view this page, go to Settings > Date and Time > Timestamp.